DIY chandelier {pom-poms + hoops)

every once in a while, i get ideas in my brain that actually work out like i envisioned them. amongst my walls peppered in nail holes of projects gone by, i find a few ideas that i love. this is one of them.

emery's crib wall before...

and the new chandelier...

i thrifted a vintage lampshade and covered it in scraps. it was looking plain so i added pom-pom garland. still looking too plain, so i added the fabric hoops that were meant for the other wall in her room.
and voila. love.

my original idea involved stringing my vintage bulb lights inside the chandelier, but the strand was huge and green and looked strange. then i found battery lights on amazon (for $2), but they were literally florescent blue. i'm not sure why they were so blue...maybe it was the LED?
at any rate, it is a non-functioning chandelier :) but who really cares, right?

and for fun, i just had to show the array of craziness that my daughter insists on sleeping with at night. a total of...6 blankets, 11 dolls, 5 lovies and 3 pillows. and let me tell you, if one is missing?? she KNOWS. :)

(and yes i took them all out and folded them. it's the first thing i've folded in a week, i can assure you :)

we are all kinds of crazy about sleep around here. we do anything and everything for it...and if my gal wants 11 dolls to fall asleep? by all means, she will have 11 dolls. we're crazy, i tell ya.


  1. Love, love, love the chandelier! Such a sweet room for your special girl. I need you to come decorate my girls' room. ;)

    And I loved seeing all the blankets/dolls she needs for sleep. Katee is following in Emery's footsteps, I think. She has several stuffed animals in her crib and last night I knew I left "kitty" in the car from our hospital trip, but was too tired to go get it. Well . . . she was calling for "kitty" in the middle of the night. They do know when one of their lovies is missing. :)

  2. Oh I LOVE the entire thing ;)

    Where did you find her dolls ? I'm looking for a Sweet one

    Janice ~

  3. Oh my goodness! Love, love, love it all! What a sweet room...and sweet collection of little 'lovies' of various forms!

  4. LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!! So Fun!!!!!! I can't wait to get in our house so I can decorate. We only have a couple things one which is the Piano that I just painted a Funly Coral Color yesterday. LOL

  5. How did you attach both the chandelier and the pom poms to the ceiling?

  6. I LOVE it! So bright and cheerful!

    My daughters sleep with so many things, too, and they have to have it all organized just right before they go to sleep. We call it their community :)

  7. Isn't it amazing what some pretty fabrics can do? Id say they rank right up there with paint:) And I'm in awe of how many lovies your little one sleeps with! But those are pretty too so I can't blame her...she's surrounded by beauty!

  8. I love it! Where did you get the gorgeous dolls? I love the one with the hair bow and her eyes closed. So sweet!

  9. OH HOW I LOVE THIS!!! You think my boys would mind if I did this in their room? :) Pinning this right. now.


  10. Did you just tie the scraps on or did you glue them? If so, what kind of glue did you use? Thanks.

  11. I too would love to know where you got those adorable dolls! And also, where on earth can I find a vintage lamp shade? I tore apart an old one I had at the house but it doesn't have the vertical metal lines :(

  12. I LOVE this chandelier. It's too stinking cute!




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