Mr. Cutie Weldon {the hampster drama unfolds}

so last week, i found a hamster cage at the Goodwill for $6. next door to the Goodwill is a pet shop. when i saw the cage, i knew the only sensible thing to do was surprise my kids with a hamster. my rowan (5yo) loves creatures of all kinds. i think the obsession is more than kids typically have with creatures.
when he was 2, we lived near a pond infested with frogs and he literally carried a frog around all.day.long. sometimes in his hand. sometimes in his pocket. sometimes at the dinner table.

if an earth worm washes up on the sidewalk, he must be rescued. but prior to his departure back in the dirt, he simply must be made a habitat in a shoebox for at least 3 days. think of how many earthworms get washed ashore. that's how many habitats we have made. and heaven forbid we use a worm as fishing bait. no way. not in this house, partner.

last summer, he rescued a one legged cricket and carried him everywhere. the grocery store. school. the bathroom. he would sing to him, and believe it or not, the cricket would sing back.

i love his tender heart. his love for caring for others around him. his love for snuggling with me and the time he needs to calm down when something upsets him. i love that i find him on my pillow in the middle of the night, sleeping peacefully. his precious spirit. his tender soul. he feels and understands deeply.
and he can dance like nobody's business.

so when i told him he could pick out a hamster, his little world erupted with joy.
meet Mr. Cutie Weldon. a chinese dwarf hamster.

rowan carried Cutie Weldon and talked to him and sang to him nearly all day, every day for a week.
but every time foster (6yo) picked him up, Cutie Weldon would attack and bite him repeatedly. either foster tasted really good, or really bad. regardless,  Mr. Cutie the Ferocious had to go. we exchanged him for a new, preferably peaceful, replacement.

meet Mr. Cutie the Replacement. a kind, sweet, docile hamster.

when we got home, we noticed some clear differences in "his" anatomy. in fact, we discovered that "he" was very clearly a SHE and was quickly renamed MRS. Cutie the Replacement.

upon further inspection, we noticed her belly bulging out on either side... and her "baby feeding areas" are quite pronounced. yes, it seems that MRS. Cutie the Replacement is pregnant. my little people are giddy with excitement and are checking constantly to make the birth announcement.

honestly, i'm not a hamster/small rodent fan. but the thought of my kids getting to see little baby hamster's born? somehow, i love the idea.
if you are in the mood for a hamster, garage sale a cage and stop by next month...we will most likely have a few hamsters to go around.

** update:

i posted this on instagram earlier today and a few friends were kind enough to warn me that hamsters often eat their babies!! i had no idea, and i'm terrified that MRS. Cutie the Replacement will go all cannibalistic and add trauma to our hamster drama. i'm going to have to warn my littles for fear that they witness such atrocities without preparation. perhaps it's the circle of life?

if any of them happen to survive their mother's voracious appetite, we might just get to see the miracle of birth. although at this point, i'm hoping MRS. Cutie the Replacement keeps her manners about her so i don't have to replace her with a hamster eating snake :)


  1. Hilarious. Oh how I wish we lived closer lol I have some animal loving kiddos too. Except Mia. She screams if a butterfly lands on her. Hope y'all r doing well. Glad to see updates on your cuties.

  2. I started to tell you about my hamster experience as a child on your IG post, but then figured it might not be the best place to share such a story. So when I saw this post, I had to share.
    Here we go...
    When I 9 or 10, my dad got us 2 cute little Chinese dwarf hamsters, of which we properly names Mickey and Minnie, even though we didn't even know which was a boy or girl or if they were both one or the other. Anyway, my youngest brother, who was 2 at the time, LOVED the hamster. But he loved them a little too much and squeezed Minnie a little too hard. So my dad went out and got us another to replace Minnie. We named her Alice. Alice was most definitely a girl and after a day or two, we realized that she was going to have some babies. Well somehow that first litter of 6 turned into almost 20 hamsters!!! They just kept multiplying, kind of like gremlins. We tried to keep the girls and boys separate but, as you well know, it is not always easy to see which is which. They eventually all started to eat each other like some gross Hamster Horror Story.
    Needless to say, my siblings and I never had hamsters again and I am very reluctant to ever get one again.
    I hope your hamster experience does not take the turn mine did! Good Luck!

    PS Heritage School kids sale is tonight and tomorrow morning.

  3. love this post, both sweet but funny! i know my Max would love one but the dog or cat will eat it if it's mother doesn't :)

  4. i meant our dog or our cat...good luck w all that

  5. Haha! That was my first thought...we had a hamster eat her babies and it was pretty traumatic! Just do a little searching and everything should be fine - I think they're supposed to be separated at some point. Best wishes with your growing family ;)

  6. Maybe they sometimes eat their babies no matter what - but I know for sure they probably will if the babies are touched. I'm not sure to what age - but I didn't see anyone mention that yet. So just make sure that you don't mess with her or the babies for a while, maybe!

  7. You are one brave woman to take on rodents/pets in the house. I certainly can't go there:)
    Sarah Risley

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  9. I heard that you need to separate them when they are born for awhile?? Not sure how it all works now, but as a child I was scarred by the "cannibal" hamster we had. Good luck hon!

  10. We had a lady hamster when I was younger who had some pups and she ate every single one. Not one little baby hamster left alive. Words to the wise: STOP TOUCHING HER RIGHT NOW! Do not get her out of the cage, do not clean the cage until well after those babies are born. The scent of you/the kiddos might make her feel threatened when those babies come. Even a lingering scent. Overfeed her. Make sure there is plenty of food and water available to her. If she feels she can't provide for all the babies, she will pick off those she deems less healthy. Also, the more she has, the more likely she is to eat them.
    Good luck. I hope your little ones don't have to bear witness to killer hamster mom!



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