my beautiful and wild

at some point in the night, he finds his way in. he snuggles close to daddy and i smile when i wake up and find him somewhere in the middle of us. my sweet little boy won't be little much longer. oh how i cherish these days dearly.

another sleepy one...

she finds my pillow or my arm or holds my hand... and stays close by through the night. for years i dreamed of this. waited endlessly to have her snuggling in my arms. no matter how exhausted i am, it's a blessing to feel the weight of her littleness against me. the calm she finds in sleeping close to me.
she won't be little for long....she's gaining confidence by the second.
these days travel fast and I'm not letting them go by without capturing in my heart just how beautiful and wild and fantastic they really are.


  1. While I know I get less sleep when Abby comes to find us in the middle of the night, I still cherish the moments as I know she won't be little forever and I love all of the snuggles! I love how her little arm will find its way around my neck and I can feel her breathing in my ear. I waited so long to be a mama and I try to be mindful to breathe in every last bit of these moments!

  2. "the weight of her littleness"

    that is so beautiful and so true.




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