untangling our day

a quiet evening and a pile of old, broken jewelry.
our day felt like my tangled pile....in serious need of some repair.
as I rocked one exhausted and sad baby to sleep, her tears reminded me of how much we really just need time together.
time to talk things out and time to be heard.
time to help each other untangle what a hard day has done.
untangling takes time and long-standing patience, but sometimes you end up creating something brand new from that once tangled mess.
and the long day is worth it.
the tears dry with my kisses, and a little voice knows it is heard and loved.
oh how I treasure the time it takes to get through the tangles.


  1. Oh girl, how I love this post and your post from yesterday! So much wisdom ... and, how I would love to join you in "real" everyday life conversation ... sipping lemonade, gathering snacks and such. How wonderful that would be!

  2. was just having a similar conversation with a friend over lunch. such precious words. so true. thanks for sharing them. makes me miss you so...and my bestie cathy has that same owl necklace. love it! love you more!



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