the hamster charmer {my creature boy}

the babies reached 3 weeks of age past weekend, and at long last, my creature boy got to hold his babies.
this was his reaction:

all of that tedious hamster veggie chopping and late night panicking was well worth it to see his undying love for these little creatures. he has spent every day doting on them and snuggling each one. and to be honest, they are actually quite sweet. they sit so calmly and because they are so young, they are very tame, especially with rowan. he's even become quite a pro and telling the difference between the boys and girls (a skill that is quite difficult to master, let me assure you).

one evening this week, clint took ALL of the hamsters out at once to let rowan play with them on the floor. within 5 minuets we were scrambling to get them quickly back in their cage...those babies are FAST! the kids thought it was really funny to watch them scrambling all over the floor.
me? not so much.

the next morning, foster woke me up at 6 am saying "mom, i let the hamsters out and now i can't find them!!"
say what???
let me tell you, i've never woken from sleep and raced downstairs so quickly in my whole life. i must have absorbed hamster scamper powers because my scamper skills are top notch.

the sweet kid had taken them all out and put them on a towel (just like we did the night before) but they scattered so fast he only managed to snag two and put them back in their cage.
trying hard not to panic (and make him feel worse) we carefully pulled out all of the furniture and began to see little legs scampering everywhere.
it would have been quite cosmical if i wasn't so irritated to have hamsters all over my house :)
we did eventually catch them all and promptly made a "one hamster at a time rule."

anyone want a hamster? i promise they won't get loose... or at least i almost promise :)


  1. Get a hamster ball - or a few! They are fun to watch the little creatures scamper around in!

  2. So so cute! I had a hamster as a child. He was the sweetest, but always kept escaping.

  3. This cracked me up! I would have freaked!



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