we have a really small backyard.
so small, in fact, that ants feel cramped when they scamper about.
but somehow, we squeezed a craigslist trampoline in one corner of the yard last week, making our yard one half trampoline and one half yard.
while we appear entirely ridiculous to have added such a large item to such a small area, two little boys think it's the best thing in the whole world.
they spend hours each day jumping and playing warrior and finding new ways to giggle and play.
i think it's the best item we've ever craigslisted.

i've been working on our mini garden (near the giant trampoline) and i love listening to them when they think no one hears. their play is so creative and silly and wonderful.
they love each other the way i always dreamed.
the way best friends play and irritate and giggle.
they are wild and crazy and kind and wonderful.

 (disclaimer: i know trampolines are somewhat controversial. ours has elastic instead of springs and nets and pads and is designed for kids.)


  1. Adorable, and fantastic! :D

  2. We have had a trampoline for 6 years now, starting when one of my kids was 2 and my oldest was 11. It is probably the best investment we've ever made in terms of play equipment as well as exercise. It gets used all the time - in fact we are on our 2nd trampoline - they used the old one to bits. Here is what we do to make it a little safer - the big boys (who tend to want to do flips) have taken a trampoline class at our local gymnastics center to learn how to do them safely. Also, we limit the number of kids on the large trampoline to 3 at a time unless they get special permission. Nothing hard is allowed - but foam swords are a favorite.


  3. Loved the post but what cracked me up the most is your disclaimer about trampolines! Too funny. Tisk, tisk.



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