t-ball nation {team weldon}

at long last, their tball dream came true...the boys are playing on the same tball team together.

they have been more than excited to be team mates, and although little kid tball might be one of the most boring "least exciting" sports of all time, we cheer and scream and root. and when they aren't throwing their gloves up in the outfield or picking grass, they are running the bases like they hit a big leage grand slam.

last week, rowan got his first game ball after snagging 2 grounders like an old pro. he has carried his game ball for 4 days and we relive those plays over and over. he couldn't be more proud of himself.

and then there is the queen of the tball dandlions...

she's quite fond of tball games because the flowers and sugary snacks are both plentiful.

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