celebrating foster {7th year of boyville}

7 years ago today, i became a mom.

a mom to a most fantastic and joy-filled son. he 'gets' me in ways that many other people don't and loves me unconditionally. he loves to invent and create together. he thinks outside the box and challenges me to embrace who i am as i watch his boldness. i never imagined my child would bring such truth to my life.
he is ever compassionate, honest, trustworthy and passionate about life.
i can't wait to see all this boy will conquer for God's kingdom on his wild adventures.
i'm honored to be the one to call him son.

(the awesome m&m filled cake was an idea from a friend...the kids LOVED it!! the secret? bake 4 layers of cake and cut a circle out of the middle 2 layers. fill the hole with any kind of candy you want and add the top layer of cake. the candy spills out everywhere, much to the delight of everyone :)

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