mini vacation {beachTuff coming soon}

foster had one request for his birthday: a beach day.
my husband couldn't take the day off of work, so the kids and i threw some food in the car, a few buckets and shovels and headed to the closest beach we could find (which happened to be atlantic city...slightly over commercialized as you will see from the giant billboards everywhere :)

last year, miss emery was very fearful of the water. she cried when waves came close and stayed miles away from any wet substance potentially hitting her toes.

this year?? well, i'll let the pictures speak for themselves :)

these are the only 3 pictures i have of the birthday boy from our trip. he literally NEVER stops moving and pictures aren't high on his priority list. the only thing that took him out of project mode was the world championship sand sculpting event. it was amazing to see them working!!

as a side note, we took very few things to the beach, but even traveling light made it nearly impossible to get our gang and stuff to the beach. i opted for the running strolling thinking it would roll nicely...not so. it was all i could muster to get us to the shoreline...let alone the TWO bathroom breaks we took and trekked all the way back to the boardwalk.

our difficulty getting to the beach made me that much more excited for the incredible beach caddy that my sister in law is working on!! clint's dad invented a beach chair that would double as a caddy over 20 years ago...and now, his sister, Julie, is making that dream a reality!! her company name is beachTuff and is soon to be a household name!!
the caddy not only carries all of the beach necessities (chairs, toys, food, junk, etc) but it converts to a beach chair and the base has a built in water sprayer and cooler!!
i've been honored to be working with the beachTuff marketing team as one of the writers on the beachTuff blog and doing pinterest research.
take a peek and spread the news! the trek to the beach will never be the same once these babies hit the sand!!


  1. omg, they need to send one of those to kelle hampton..have you read her hilarious post about lugging stuff to the beach and no good way to do it?!?! she does practically live there ya know :)

  2. Seiously, I could use one of those. Hubby is never with us and getting all our stuff from car to sand is always a nightmare!

  3. HOW COOL!! I want one!!! That would really come in handy!
    ps. Emi in that red suit, OMGOODNESS!!! adorable!

  4. I love the first picture of Miss Emery.
    She is such a beauty... look at those long legs.
    I love her watermelon swimsuit.
    Happy summer! Lindy D.



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