my on-the-fly DIY {sidewalk}

i'm really good at starting projects.
i'm sort of good at finishing projects.
and i'm an expert at throwing something together while having no idea of the correct way to accomplish it.

i thrive on figuring things out on the fly and i love learning by making mistakes doing.

my husband? #notsomuch.
he does things the right way. the real way. no shortcuts. no "figuring out on the fly."
when we are at target and i've filled the cart with wayyy to many targety items, i randomly put discarded things on any nearby shelf.
my husband? he literally carries every item back to it's appropriate shelf.

so, when it comes time to do a project, let's just say we don't always go about it the same way :)

a few weeks ago, i decided it was high time we put a walkway in front of our house. we had free pavers from a friend, so i figured it can't be too hard to dig a path and lay those babies out.

i gave all the kids shovels and we started digging. randomly. no measuring, or any idea of how to actually make a walkway. i wheel barreled loads of dirt until i couldn't walk. it was a looong day.
i gave up.

the next weekend, my sweet husband helped me finish it the right way. he taught me how to find a square edge when there isn't one and he showed me how to make a herringbone paver pattern.
he's amazing.

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