our comfort level {she & i}

we've been having long nights around here.
she cries a lot in her sleep, searching for my voice.
a few words from me comfort her back to slumber.
i often marvel at how her restless sleep is so similar to my restless days.
i often whine to myself and feel the pain of my restless nature while my Creator waits to comfort me, if only i would call out to Him. instead, i often distract myself with my phone, or food or the busyness of life...distractions that don't bring any true relief.

she receives comfort better than i.
she is an amazing example of calling out and trusting the voice of comfort will come.
she starts each day fresh and new and each day i learn so much from her.       


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  1. These are such beautiful thoughts! My younger sister is waiting for her daughter from China special needs. They received their referral! She will love your blog...I can't wait to share it! Here is a link to hers if you wanna swing by and say hi. I know it would mean so much to her. The waiting, as you know, is difficult! Anyway, God bless your gorgeous family!



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