Real Friends {Know Your Heart}

the mailman brought me a giant box of love yesterday.
filled with beautiful japanese crafting and stationary supplies, washi tape (!!!!!) trinkets and candies and tote bags, the kids and i studied each item as if it were buried treasure. a dress for Emmy made her squeal with delight.
the internet is a real place, my friends. i know, i know, it's a cyber world and it's not real. filters make life look pretty when in reality laundry and clutter are everywhere. but real people are here. and some are brave enough to be real about life and motherhhood and the challenge of playing the many roles each of us are called to play with excellence. amongst the filters and hub-bub i've found real inspiration. real friends. and this box of love is from someone i've never met. never spoke words to. but she knows my heart and hears my story. i often think of her and pray for her as she goes through her day. shed tears at her courage and been inspired to love deeper and with greater passion by the way she lives her life. she's been a constant voice of encouragement, even back in the early days before Emmy came home and my heart was broken from missing her. this friend is of the dearest kind.
thank you for filling a box of love for us, sweet @skippee. you are the sweetest of all treasures.


  1. How lovely of your friend! I love the mini cutters, so fun!



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