a few isles of decompression

ending the day at the grocery store. alone. just me and the food and a few isles of decompression.
i won't go into the wild, screaming tantrums in the doctors office or the flailing anger over sharing anything remotely close to her.

lets just say it was a very loud day.
my girl longs for my comfort in her frustration but at the same moment refuses to accept it. over the years I've learned to sit with her and hold her loosely as she screams. the calmer my voice, the faster the tantrum subsides.
sadly, there have been times that i've been frustrated at her irrational terror...and as a result, i've seen the horrors of tantrums that go on for hours.
but when i meet her with patience...with a God enabled calm...she will eventually allow me to hug her tightly and her flailing turns to sobs.

today, tears came from somewhere far beneath the surface, and i couldn't help but think she was grieving a loss she doesn't yet understand.

her passion is deep and wild...and i love every bit of it.


  1. So glad you are being so candid about this. Miss Mia has very very hard days. Screaming at me and her brothers biting and hitting, and then days of complete sweetness. Hope you are doing well. Love from the Lonestar State!!!!!

  2. Miss seeing updates about you and your family. Hope all is well and you'll be updating soon.



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