blog makover {and learning alien code}

so i've been wanting to move this old blog to wordpress. i love writing sometimes and posting photos other times, and i want something that is more moldable and useful for me.

one of my favorite things to do is learn new things...i frequently scour google and find great tutorials for fun new skills. but truly one of the most annoying and confusing things to me is anything related to html code and web design.
the world needs a website interface designed by someone who can make it easy and pliable and more like using photoshop and less like using a mysterious code written by aliens.

i'm starting to think html code was created as a cruel joke...and the joke's on me because i just can't seem to crack the code.


i'll get off my soap box and continue by saying (if anyone is actually still reading this odd, ranting webhosting post) that some strange goings-ons are sure to ensue over the next week as i read google tutorials and burn up perfectly good time designing a new website in alien code.

if my blog disappears, you'll know why.


  1. I read this post.please keep blogging

  2. Oh, I am still reading! Looking forward to the new changes.

  3. I stumbled over here from a link on 'under the sycamore.' skimming your recent posts, this one made me laugh. i am in the midst of the same thing. not sure if it makes it better or worse that my husband is into computer programming. so, while i'd like to learn it myself, i always end up asking him questions & he wants to go way way over my head with his alien talk! lol. good luck! glad I found your blog.



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