enough wonderful to make me do it all over again

some days they wake up early and play happily for hours together before school.

today is one of those mornings...and it makes me long for the days before all this schooling started. when they were too little for classrooms and we stayed home if we felt like it. when play dates were our big event of the day.

in those days i planned amazing crafts and adventures. we woke up each day and discovered new things and turned the house into something new each day.
i'm so thankful for those days and years.
they weren't easy.
in fact, years of little babies and toddlers is exhausting and stressful.
but it was wonderful too.

actually it sounds a lot like our current stage....exhausting and stressful and wonderful.

I hope life is always a mix of those 3.

enough stress and sleep deprivation to keep me humble and reliant on God's grace when i'm selfish and frustrated.
and enough wonderful to make me wake up each morning and do it all over again.                     

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  1. gorgeous words and pictures. i hate that kids have to go off to school just as soon as they are fun to hang out with.

  2. Loving Emery's long hair, sweet braids, and fabulous dark eyebrows!!

  3. ahhhh, your hearts' longing I can relate to, 'tis one of the main reasons we homeschool...LOL ;), and its also the reason we have cont'd to for a decade. The desire to "still and slow the moments and keep them simple" becomes a little more satisfied. ;..LOVE this, love your pics, love your heart. Miss you like cray cray! :) (ps. I want one of those hair bands for my girls that Em is wearing!!)



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